Rams Release Five


The Rams were back on the field for OTAs today, but the biggest news was the team’s release of five players. DT Chris Bradwell, WRs Roderick Owens and Nick Moore, FB Kennedy Tinsley and LB Simoni Lawrence were all cut loose from the team today. Nothing to worry about here Rams fans, as none of these guys were going to make an impact on the squad this season. Chris Bradwell has some potential, but he isn’t ready to play just yet. I like Simoni Lawrence, but he was a longshot to make the roster.

In other OTA news, WR Keenan Burton reportedly did some work on the field today, which is excellent news for the receiving corps. Burton is coming off an injury, but we’ve seen that he has the talent to help this team when he is on the field. At the very worst, his return will make the competition at the position more intense. I think it’s pretty obvious that if there’s any position that we need some competition, it’s the receiver spot.

Speaking of receivers, Donnie Avery apparently showed up sporting a brand new 15 pounds of muscle he put on during the offseason. I’m going to come right out and say I’ve never been a big Avery fan, but this has me a little bit excited. Everyone knows he can run, but maybe a few more pounds of muscle will make him more durable and better in the open field.