Kroenke Impressive At Owners Meetings


Stan Kroenke is determined to be the next owner of the St. Louis Rams, and he made his case to the other owners at the Owners Meetings this week. Kroenke was reportedly very impressive when answering questions from the finance committee. He even got a vote of confidence from the head of the committee, Saints owner Tom Benson, who said “Everyone wants him as an owner.” The most interesting piece of news here is that Kroenke addressed the cross-ownership issue with the league. He is apparently not going to try to sell the team to his wife, as the league wants him to be the sole owner of the team. It is also being speculated that the NFL might give Stan a grace period to get rid of his holdings in Denver while still serving as owner of the Rams. This is excellent news for St. Louis, as he is going to need some time to get his affairs in order, and we can’t wait much longer to get this thing figured out. The sooner this is resolved, the better for Rams fans and for the team in general.The team can deny it all they want, but managment obviously has their hands tied right now while the ownership is in flux. There are holes on this team that need to be filled, and I feel like we won’t get that done until this is resolved.

There was an interesting article at a few days ago that discussed Keith Null’s position on the team. As most people know, Null started the final four games for the team last season, but he is back to fighting with rookie Thad Lewis for the 3rd quarterback position. Null was not ready for NFL action when he was forced into work last season, but I saw enough to believe that he should be a member of this team. The potential is certainly there, and although he probably won’t be much more than a career backup in this league, I am rooting for him to remain with the Rams. Here is the link if anyone wants to check out the story.

Keith Null Article