Kroenke, OJ, and a Rams Hiring


Ok… I know I said that I was going to be doing rookie profiles this week, and they are still coming, but there are other newsworthy happenings in Ramsland right now. For those of you expecting those previews, sit tight. Now, on to the news. First, there was a report in the Denver Post today about Stan Kroenke’s bid to own the Rams. According to the article, it looks like the owners may make their decision at the August 25 meeting, and it also looks good that he will be approved. This isn’t breaking news by any means, but it’s nice to see that the news is still positive from a source outside St. Louis.

Next, the ever-developing OJ Atogwe saga took a new turn today, as apparently the demand for the safety isn’t nearly as high as expected. According to Fanhouse, the Cowboys, Lions, 49ers, Eagles, Jets, and the Vikings are all less than interested in his services. The article goes on to say that the Rams are the favorites right now, and the Dolphins are possibly the only other team interested. This is very good news, and it would be great if we could get him back at a reduced price. I will be watching the situation closely, but things are looking up right now. Finally, the team made a personnel move today by signing former Pro Bowl DT La’Roi Glover to be their new Director of Player Programs. The job consists of working with rookies and helping with their transition to the NFL, and Glover looks like the perfect man for the job. He has been there, been successful, and he knows how to handle himself. The transition from poor college student to multi-millionaire can be a daunting one, so it will be beneficial to have someone there to help the transition.

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