Friday’s OTA Report


Another day, another set of organized team activities for the Rams on this Friday. Some interesting news came out today, the biggest of which is bad. Rookie OL Rodger Saffold apparently injured his right knee in yesterday’s workout, and he is expected to be out at least 2-to-3 weeks. The Rams don’t seem to be overly concerned about the long-term ramifications of the knee sprain, but let’s just say this isn’t a good start to the season. Saffold is expected to miss the rest of the OTAs, but he should be fine for camp later this summer. It certainly isn’t time to freak out about this, but let’s just hope it isn’t more serious than expected.

In other injury news, Steven Jackson is progressing in his rehab and Coach Spags believes SJ39 will be able to start running on the field soon. It sounds like he is right on time with the projected return, so this is certainly good news. I would expect him to be ready to go when camp opens, and until I hear more concern coming from the team, I’m not going to worry.

In one more piece of injury recovery, WR Keenan Burton is participating in a limited capacity and he expects to be healthy for camp as well. Burton said today that he is at about 90 percent, which is good news because his job is certainly in jeopardy.

Moving to play on the field, reports are that second-year WR Brooks Foster has been very impressive so far this summer. The Rams drafted Foster last season, but they didn’t get to see him much as an injury ended his season before it really got going. I don’t know what to expect from Foster this season, but if he is ready to contribute, we could absolutely use him.

Finally, a Sam Bradford update. Bradford was less than impressive in today’s workout, as he was apparently letting the ball fly a bit today. Reports are that his ball was still tight and beautiful, but the adrenaline must have been flowing a bit, because he let a few get away from him. Nothing to be concerned about here, as this is typical for a rookie. Sam will be fine as long as he is healthy.