So I was looking around the net for some Rams news, and I stum..."/> So I was looking around the net for some Rams news, and I stum..."/>

We Can’t Get No Respect!


So I was looking around the net for some Rams news, and I stumbled upon a post at Pro Football Talk about Sam Bradford working with the second/third team offense at OTAs. Before I move to the actual point of my post, let me address the article by saying it was pretty ridiculous. This guy Evan Silva takes a few shots at Bradford, starting with the title “Bradford Still Can’t Crack Rams’ First Team”. Silva goes on to say that Sam is playing behind a guy who hasn’t thrown a pass since 2007 (AJ Feeley) and a guy who was 0-4 with nine interceptions last season (Keith Null). He also mentions that other first round picks like Trent Williams, Russell Okung, Tyson Alualu, and Eric Berry have already started working with the first team. Obviously, the quarterback position is completely different than any other spot on the field, and there is no reason to hurry Bradford’s progression in June. Second, the notion that Bradford isn’t good enough to play with the first team is ludicrous. It’s obvious this is his team, or we wouldn’t have went out an signed a journeyman career backup. This guy Silva either doesn’t know his stuff or he has a personal grudge against Sam or the Rams.

Now, moving on to my point. I was reading some of the comments by other readers on the article, and it is pretty much a long list of people bashing our Rams. I’m going to repost some of the better (or worse) ones, but I will also link to the article at the end of this post if anyone wants to read it (although I wouldn’t recommend checking out that crap).

Here is what some people think of our team, just so ya know.

“For now, though, he’s stuck throwing to backups on a team that has perhaps the worst backups in the league.” Dude, they have the worst EVERYTHING in the league. Somebody get that Head Coach(great D-Coach) some help. Again, who’s the GM of this debacle?”

“If the O-line is that bad, who do you want taking the majority of the ass-whoopin’s, AJ Feeley, Keith Null.(Who? Keith Null. Who? Keith Null. WHO? Exactly.), or your #1 overall pick?
Hell, see if TJ Rubley and Tony Banks wanna come in for some playing time, too.”

“The best way to prepare Bradford for the regular season would be to dump him blindfolded from the back of a pickup truck in rush hour traffic on I-70.” (My personal favorite)

“Not to mention some just awful first stringers. If they are relying on AJ Feeley as their starter they are in a world of trouble. Bradford isn’t going to want to be on a first unit where he is on his ass looking skyward for the 2010 season.”

“give this kid some time! He’ll be the best player on that horse crap team.”

I’m not saying all of these people are completely off base, but as a Rams fan it just hurts to read things like this and it makes me want the team to win even more this season to shut these people up.

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