Bradford Getting Used To NFL


Rookie quarterback Sam Bradford has been getting his fill of St. Louis over the past few weeks, and Rams fans finally got to see his golden arm in action, albeit not on his field of choice. Bradford threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Cards-Brewers game over the weekend, and he didn’t look bad doing it. He also enjoyed a handshake with outfielder Matt Holliday after the pitch. Let’s just hope he doesn’t fall into the same “I signed a big contract and I’m not living up to it” funk that Holliday did early in the season.

Anyway… Bradford appears to be acclimating himself well to the Rams and the NFL thus far, as he has reportedly been very impressive in the few workouts the team has had. Receivers have raved about his ball, and they certainly seem to be enjoying catching it. Brooks Foster was quoted as saying, “I’ve never been around anyone like that. He throws a real good ball, puts a nice touch on it for the receiver. … Everything that you hear about him is true.” Obviously, there is still a steep learning curve that he will undoubtedly experience, but Rams fans have to be happy with the news coming out of OTAs so far. He might not be working with the first team yet (right, Evan Silva?), but the team is absolutely doing the right thing by bringing him along slowly. We aren’t ready to contend right now, so there is no reason to rush him into the job that will obviously be his as soon as he is ready. He will have plenty of time to learn at the hands of a capable veteran (AJ Feeley), and when he takes the reigns I think we all have plenty to look forward to.

The rookie profiles will be coming this week, seriously this time. No really, I’m telling the truth. They are coming as long as the news stays relatively quiet, so stay tuned for that.