Ram-Relevant Tidbits


A few former Rams have been in the news over the last few days, so I figured I’d keep everyone update on their situations. First, as many of you have probably already heard, Marc Bulger signed a deal to be a backup with the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens gave Bulger a reported $3.8 million to play backup to Joe Flacco, and I must say that it surprised me. It doesn’t surprise me that Bulger is a backup, because let’s be honest, he isn’t an NFL starting quarterback. What shocks me is that he will make $3.8 million next season when the Ravens already had some viable backups at the position. Let me ask you this. Would you rather have John Beck or Troy Smith backing up Flacco or Bulger making $3.8 mil? If you ask me, this is a questionable move at best by Baltimore.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that DE Leonard Little has “all but decided to play” next season after contemplating retirement. We haven’t heard much from Leonard this offseason, but it looks like he will be in action next year. I don’t know what the interest level is in St. Louis, but we could do worse. Little visited the Saints earlier this summer, but he didn’t sign a deal and we haven’t heard anything from him since. I’ll keep an eye on him as the summer progresses, and if I hear anything on this front I’ll let you know.