NFC West Quarterback All-Stars


Here we go with the previews for our NFC All-Star team selections. Tonight I will run down the quarterback options. Remember, your input on these players is extremely important, so if you have something to say, feel free to make your voice heard. Let’s start with the quarterbacks, shall we?

Before I go over the candidates, let me just say that I completely agree with those who commented on yesterday’s post that said no one in this division deserves to be an All-Star quarterback. I mean, this list is really pathetic. Since we can’t possibly compete without a signal-caller, here are your choices.

St. Louis Rams-Sam Bradford

2009 Stats-None, but here are his career numbers from Oklahoma.  In 2007, Bradford threw for 3,121 yards and 36 TDs to only 8 INTs. He had a 69.5 completion percentage, and he averaged 9.15 yards per attempt. In 2008, he threw for 4,720 yards and 50 TDs with 8 picks again. The completion percentage was 67.9, and his yards per attempt was 9.77. In 2009, he threw for only 562 yards on 39 completions due to injury.

My Take- Bradford certainly looks like a star in the making if he stays healthy, but it would be hard to pick him over other established NFL QBs. He has a chance in this thing only because the other options are terrible, but I think if we do this again next summer he could be the obvious choice.

Seattle Seahawks-Matt Hasselbeck

2009 Stats- In 14 games started, Hasselbeck completed 293 of his 488 passes attempted, and he threw for 3,029 yards.  He threw an equal number of TDs as INTs at 17, and his completion percentage was right at 60%. He also fumbled 11 times and lost 3 of those, and he was sacked 32 times.

My Take- I want to preface this by saying I despise Matt Hasselbeck and pretty much everyone else wearing a Seahawks jersey, but he might just be the front-runner in this competition. He has the pedigree, but I think everyone knows he is over-the-hill and is certainly not an elite or even middle-of-the-pack NFL QB anymore.

San Francisco 49ers- Alex Smith

2009 Stats- Smith had a decent 2009 campaign, as he tossed for 2,350 yards in 11 games played, including 10 starts. He accounted for 18 TD passes to 12 INTs, and his completion percentage was at 60.5%. He fumbled just three times, and he lost only one of those. He finished with an 81.5 QB rating for the season.

My Take- The former #1 overall pick took a major step forward last season, and he has reclaimed the starting job in San Fran. The numbers weren’t off the charts, but he has the talent and he looks to finally be getting comfortable at this level. I actually like Smith, and he is certainly in the running.

Arizona Cardinals- Matt Leinart

2009 Stats- Not much to say here for Leinart. He played in 8 games last season and started just one, and he did not throw a TD while tossing 3 picks. He hasn’t done anything to warrant consideration for this spot aside from partying in hot tubs with smokin’ hot ladies, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

My Take- I think my comments above pretty much take care of “My Take”. Leinart has been given numerous opportunities to win that job, and he has failed every time. Leinart, you are awarded NO points, and may God have mercy on your soul. (Was that a little harsh? I don’t think so.)

My Choice- This is not easy. I want to pick Bradford because I think he will be the best out of this group easily, but I can’t. The man hasn’t even played a game in the NFL. I’m going with Alex Smith, mainly because he still has some potential and he is coming off the best 2009 of any of these players. What say you? Feel free to comment in the appropriate section and/or vote for your pick.