On To The Tight Ends


It’s time to talk NFC West tight ends, and surprisingly enough this division is actually pretty talented at the position. Maybe not the Rams so much, but the other three teams all have some nice talent on their teams. We did draft two guys in April who could develop into nice players, but right now the Rams are significantly behind the others at the position, which should come as no shock to anyone considering that we haven’t used the tight end much in recent memory. Here are your options for the voting, and only pick one this time around.

St. Louis Rams-Daniel Fells

2009 Stats: Fells had 21 receptions for the Rams last season in 14 games played with four starts. He piled up 273 yards for a 13 yards average, and he reached the end zone three times. He fumbled just once, and he really looked good at certain points in the year. He should take on a much bigger role with the team in 2010.

My Take: Fells did some good things last season, and I think he should build on that this year. With that being said, he isn’t in the discussion for the All-Star team due to the high level of talent within the division. He certainly isn’t an elite guy, but he could be productive in the offense this season, especially if Sam Bradford needs him as a safety valve.

Arizona Cardinals-Ben Patrick

2009 Stats: Patrick appeared in nine games for the Cards last season, and he made seven starts. He caught 12 passes for 146 yards and two scores, and he averaged 12.2 yards per catch. The numbers don’t jump off the page at you, but he is only 25 years old and he has good size and strength. There is some potential here, but he too is not in the class of the other two guys residing in the West.

My Take: I kind of like Patrick, but he still has a long way to go to prove he is a good NFL player. I like his size at 6-3, and he has made some impressive catches during his career, but that’s not enough just yet. Once again, some potential here, but there are much better players to choose from.

Seattle Seahawks-John Carlson

2009 Stats: Carlson has been a beast in his short time in the league, and he had a very impressive 2009 season. He started all 16 games and recorded 51 receptions and 571 yards in 2009. He also added seven scores to go along with his 11.3 yard average. In 2008, he scored five times in just nine starts.

My Take: I am a big fan of Carlson, and he would likely be the choice in most situations. He is a dangerous weapon for the Seahawks, and he makes their offense significantly better by being on the field. Also, he seems to kill the Rams every time he steps on the field against them. He’s not my pick, but I would still take him on my football team any day of the week.

San Francisco 49ers-Vernon Davis

2009 Stats: Davis finally lived up to the lofty expectations given him coming out of college in 2009, as he produced an absolutely monster year. He caught 78 passes for 965 yards, and he found the end zone 13 times. He averaged 12.4 yards per catch, and his long on the season was 73 yards. He is an athletic specimen, and as long as his head is on straight, he is an elite performer at the tight end position.

My Take: As you can probably tell, I love Davis. When the man decides to show up, he is potentially the top tight end in the league. He came out of college with a ton of potential, but it took him until 2009 to truly realize his talent. I don’t see him slowing down any time soon, and I would love to have him on my All-Star team.