Time To Catch Up


Well everyone, it has been a few days, but I’m back! Sorry for the lack of content here at Ramblin’ Fan, but the weekend was loaded with work and a little bit of illness. I’m going to hit a few different things here that happened while I was gone, so here it goes…

First, I must say that I was a little surprised the Rams didn’t give Harvey Unga more of a look in the supplemental draft. We had been rumored to be high on him since it was announced he would be available, and he didn’t go until the seventh round where he was taken by the Bears. I think this guy would have been worth a seventh, but I guess the front office didn’t agree. Also, Josh Price-Brent was the only other player selected, as he also went in the seventh to the Cowboys.

On the Sam Bradford front, it looks like negotiations have started between the two sides. Once again, there isn’t much urgency there, but they have started talking numbers. I’m still not at all concerned here, but I will keep a watchful eye out over the next week or so. The team has also reportedly signed sixth-rounder Fendi Onobun, and the team is expected to make an announcement soon.

Finally, the team is apparently going to introduce a mascot this season, and they want your input on what to name it. If you head over to stlouisrams.com, you can cast your vote. The options are Archie, Rammer, Rampage, Ramsey, and Rush. I’m partial to Rampage, but to be honest I could really care less what they call the thing.