Divisional Smackdown Update


For all those who haven’t made their way over to the Fansided home page, I will give you an update on how the All-Star tournament is going. We will start with our own first round matchup with the NFC East. I have to admit, we probably don’t deserve to beat anyone in this tourney, but I would still like to stick it to the other divisions if possible, especially the East. Well, that didn’t happen. The score is currently 275-99 in favor of the East. Typical East Coast media bias.

In the second matchup, we put the AFC North up against the AFC West. Now, I thought this one was pretty cut and dry going in, as I consider the AFC North to b one of the better conferences in the league. The Fansided voters obviously don’t agree, as the West has 101 votes to just 33 for the North. Either the West is much better than I thought, or the voters in those cities really came out to vote.

Moving to the third matchup, the NFC North is dominating the NFC South to the tune of 159-23. Now that is complete and utter domination. I was surprised on this one as well, maybe not so much by the winner, but by the dominance in favor of the North.

I encourage everyone to continue to participate in all of the matchups, so make sure to make your way over to the homepage to cast your vote.