Verdict: NO To T.O.


I have talked to plenty of Rams fans over the last few days, and I found that the consensus was that most people did not want Owens to be a part of this team in 2010. Well, your prayers have been answered. Sources indicated today that the team has decided to pass on T.O. Can’t say I’m surprised, and I can’t say that I’m too disappointed either. He wasn’t the right fit for this team, and it certainly wasn’t worth the risk. It looks like we will be heading into the season with the receiving corps we have right now, and even if we bring in a veteran, it likely won’t be anyone of significance.

Training camp is nearly upon us, so everyone needs to know the upcoming significant dates. Rookies report tomorrow, and there will be rookie only practices on Thursday and Friday. Everyone reports on Thursday, and the first full-squad practice will be Saturday. The practices are open to the public, so stop on by if you have some time.

Finally, it looks like the future of Rams ownership could become more clear soon, as it is expected that the league will vote on Stan Kroenke’s proposal at a special meeting on August 25. It looks like all signs point to the vote favoring Kroenke, but nothing is for sure just yet. I can’t wait for this to get settled, so let’s hope everything goes smoothly.