Rams, Westbrook Close To Deal


This is going to be short and sweet, but it is being reported that the Rams will sign veteran running back Brian Westbrook to a deal for the 2010 season on Monday. St. Louis has been interested in Westbrook for much of the summer, but I never really thought he would end up here. The rumor is that Westbrook is getting more money from the Rams than he would have in Denver or Washington, and this is also his best chance at playing time. Westbrook is also reportedly looking forward to working with Steven Jackson and with helping the development of Sam Bradford. As long as the money isn’t outrageous, this is obviously a good move. WE are desperate for some depth at the running back position, and Westbrook is still more than capable in a limited capacity. I will let you know when and if it becomes official, but expect it to be finalized in the next few days.