That’s A Winner!


I know it was only a preseason game, but we needed a more positive vibe on this blog. There were more things to like this week, that’s for sure, but there were plenty of things to work on for this Rams team.

Things I Liked: The first offensive drive of the game was good. Steven got a few touches, and it’s pretty obvious that this is a much better offense when he is on the field. Chris Long was very good for the second game in a row, and it seemed like he had his nose in almost every play that he was on the field. The tight ends were much better tonight, and they had plenty of opportunities. Marquis Johnson (who I hammered last week) was much better tonight, especially tackling the ball-carrier. Mardy Gilyard was pretty impressive as a return man, and there is certainly some excitement in his game.

Things I Didn’t Like: I hate to beat a dead horse, but our backup running backs are pathetic. Keith Toston was ok against backups, but the Rams have to address the position before the start of the regular season. Sam Bradford had some pretty awful numbers, but I didn’t think he was as bad as it looked on paper. There were some drops, and the rain certainly didn’t help. The wide receivers were pretty much nonexistent, and although the conditions played into that as well, they were still pretty hard to watch as a group.

Overall, a better effort, but this offense needs to find a way to stretch the field. If Bradford isn’t going to throw to anyone farther that five yards down the field, then AJ Feeley needs to remain as the starter until Bradford is ready. I also thought Jordan Kent was good tonight, and I’m really rooting for him since he is an Oregon Duck.

This was more or less a first reaction, so I will get a little more in depth tomorrow when I’ve had some time to process the game.

In an update on my computer situation (since I know it has been keeping everyone up at night, lol), the cracked screen was bad enough that my computer is heading to the warehouse to be fixed. I won’t have it back for 2-4 weeks, but never fear, I will be using a combination of my work computer and possibly my roommates’ computers to continue to give you content. You can all rest easy.