Bradford Or SJ39?


I had an interesting question posed to me in the comments section of my last post by esteemed reader Betty White, and instead of addressing it there, I thought it would be a good issue for its own post. The question is, would it be better for the Rams to play to the strengths of quarterback Sam Bradford by using mostly shotgun formations, or is it better to cater to running back Steven Jackson by using more under center, run-heavy formations? This is an interesting dilemma for Coach Spags and the rest of the staff. It’s obvious after two preseason games that Bradford is far more comfortable in the gun, and I think we expected that since he did most of his work in that capacity in college. On the other hand, Jackson is really the only offensive weapon we have at this point, and the shotgun certainly wouldn’t help his cause.

Well, here is my answer to the question. I know Bradford is the $50 million man, but if this team is going to win, Jackson has to be the one to be the focal point of the offense. He is truly one of the best backs in the league, and he would be the featured player on most, if not all, teams in the league. With this receiving corps, I don’t see how the team can hope to win letting Bradford throw the ball 45 times out of the gun.

That was the answer, but the real solution to the dilemma is pretty simple if you ask me. This is the NFL. It isn’t college, and it’s not the Big 12. If Bradford is going to be an NFL QB, he has to learn how to run an offense from under center. I’m not saying get rid of the shotgun altogether, but while Steven is on this team, the offense has to stay under center.

What say you, Rams Nation? Make your voice heard in the comments section.