Rams Pass On Moss


I know many of you are wondering why the Rams didn’t put a claim in on troubled wide receiver Randy Moss, but the answer is pretty simple. This team has gone above and beyond to purge the roster of guys with character issues, and they weren’t about to add an aging player who was just run out of Minnesota. If you were getting a Moss from three years ago who really wanted to be here, it would be worth it. Unfortunately, he has lost a step, and I don’t believe he would have been happy here. I think it’s very telling that the Titans were the only team to put in a claim.

I’m pretty much done with this topic, but before I move on, I have to touch on one more thing. I don’t know how many of you are from the St. Louis area (I would assume many of you), and I don’t know how many of those people are regular listeners of 101.1 ESPN, but if you missed the interview on the Fast Lane today with Rams’ GM Billy Devaney, you need to listen to it. The whole thing was about the Moss issue, and suffice it to say that Billy D was not in the mood to talk to Randy, Rammer, and D-Farr. Here is the link, and the interview was at 3:45 p.m.

Billy D Interview

Injury Report: Back to the actual players who suit up for this team. Obviously, the bye week this late in the season is usually a godsend for healing up, and the Rams are no different. Coming out of Sunday’s game, SJ39 was obviously still in plenty of pain. He really needs the bye, but I wouldn’t expect him to be healthy when the team returns to action. He might be dealing with this finger pain for the rest of the season. James Hall also suffered a broken hand, but I doubt he will miss much time, although you have to wonder if his effectiveness will suffer. James Butler is dealing with an ankle injury, James Laurinaitis has a knee tweak, Donnie Jones has a calf strain, and Jason Smith is still dealing with his concussion. Also, the tight end group (Fendi, Illini Mike, and Fells) are all dealing with back injuries, and they will all undergo tests this week.