Rams Give It Away At The Bay


As is my tradition, I won’t be saying too much about the game tonight while I cool down. I was actually physically ill when Joe Nedney kicked the game-winning field goal in overtime to drop the Rams 23-20. Here are some of my quick reactions to the loss.

First, the thing that makes me the most angry is that the Niners tried on several occasions to hand us the game, and we just refused to take it. They had touchdown after touchdown called back due to penalties, and we still couldn’t find a way to win. When you are battling for a division title, you absolutely have to take advantage of games like this, and we didn’t.

The defense gave up entirely too many big plays today, which is a serious concern for this team moving forward. Overall, the defense wasn’t terrible, but the big plays absolutely killed us. Once again, several of the big plays were called back, which makes it even worse.

This is the point where my blood really starts boiling. I’m not going to blame the loss on any one person, because we all know that’s not how football works, but Brandon Gibson has me all fired up. I counted three occasions late in the game when Gibson had an opportunity to get a big first down, and he came up short every time. The first time he danced around and got tackled two yards short, and the second time he just needed to muscle forward and was unable to do so. The third time was the worst, because he could have gotten a first down that might have sealed the win or at least taken some significant time off the clock, but once again he danced around and came up short. I was literally screaming at the TV every time, and on the third play there were significant obscenities flying on my part.

I could keep going, but I need to stop before I say something I will regret later. Tomorrow I will have an unbiased look at the game, so stay tuned. If you are as angry as I am right now, or if you think I’m wrong on any of these points, feel free to make yourself heard in the comments section.

On the bright side, my game prediction was pretty darn close. I said 21-20 Niners, and it was 23-20. Gotta find the silver lining somewhere, right?