Shurmur Top Candidate For Browns


News broke today that the Cleveland Browns are getting close to hiring their next head coach, and several outlets are reporting that Pat Shurmur is the leading candidate for the job. I’ve discussed the connection between Shurmur, Mike Holmgren, and Tom Heckert already, so I won’t get into it again. He hasn’t gotten the job yet, but it’s time for the Rams to start making plans for who will take over as offensive coordinator if he does. Here is a list of some guys who might be in the running.

Brad Childress – This one makes plenty of sense, as Childress isn’t likely to get a head coaching job any time soon after the fiasco with the Vikings last season. Childress and Steve Spagnuolo are close friends, and I know they would love to work together. I would have to make him the odds-on favorite at this point.

Josh McDaniels – This would be my personal choice if I was making the decisions. I know plenty of people don’t like McDaniels, but he is still a great offensive mind who could get the best out of Sam Bradford and the rest of the offense. Spags is familiar with him from the Super Bowl, and I know he respects McDaniels capabilities.

Bill Musgrave – I could probably get behind this one if he were the man, because he has a track record with quarterbacks. He will probably still get some play for a head coaching  job somewhere, but don’t be shocked if you start hearing his name if Shurmur leaves.

Mike Martz – Martz isn’t actually an option, but I have to put his name down when talking about offensive coordinators. As much as I would love to have Martz back, it isn’t happening. I know most of you don’t share my affection for Mad Mike, but you have to admit that it would be fun to see what he could do with Bradford.