Offseason Preview: Outside Linebacker


The offseason preview train chugs ahead with another position of great need for the Rams moving forward, that being outside linebacker. We are obviously set nicely already at MLB with James Laurinaitis, but this team needs some big time help on the outside. If the Rams do decide to address this need outside the draft, there are some nice options who could be available. Here are some names that stand out to me.

Chad Greenway – There are a ton of guys I would love to see join the Rams for 2011 at numerous positions, but Greenway might just be my favorite. I loved him coming out of college a few years ago, and he has really turned into one of the better 4-3 outside guys in the league. Greenway is a hard-nosed guy who is an elite run-stopper from the position, and he would be an absolutely perfect fit with Coach Spags here in St. Louis. If I were the Rams, I would make getting Greenway a priority, although it certainly won’t be easy.

LaMarr Woodley – I doubt that Woodley is leaving Pittsburgh any time soon, but he is one of the most exciting OLB’s in the league. He can rush the passer and stop the run, and he hurts you when he’s doing it. He is a long-shot at best, but if available he would certainly merit some intense consideration.

Thomas Davis – This one is kind of a wild card. Davis has proven to be an outstanding talent when healthy, but health rarely seems to be something he can maintain. Davis is coming off two torn ACL’s and he missed 2010, but I have to wonder if he might be worth a gamble. Sometimes taking a chance on a guy like this can take a team to the next level if you hit on him, but the Rams aren’t known for taking chances, especially considering the lack of depth on this roster right now.