McD As QB Coach


In a bit of unsurprising, yet still relevant, news, Rams’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will also serve as the team’s quarterback coach for the upcoming season. There was some speculation that McD’s brother, Ben, may come aboard to serve in the same capacity that he did in Denver, but the Rams put that to bed with today’s report. McD served as OC and QB coach for the Patriots, so he has plenty of experience doing both. Also, coach Spags thinks the move will work out, as he’s happy that McD and Sam Bradford will be working so close together when they are actually allowed to do so.  “I think it’s terrific that Sam [Bradford] will get the direct how-to-do-it, everything Josh is thinking,” Spags said.

McD is a great offensive mind, and I think this is probably the best move for the team. I think Bradford will become an even better player after some time with McD, and the hope is that Bradford will be an extension of McD on the field. I have no problem with that at all.