Clayton Likely Coming Back


I don’t think it’s breaking news that the Rams are interested in bringing wide receiver Mark Clayton back for next season, but it sounds like it’s almost a sure thing that he will sign a deal when (IF) free agency kicks in after the lockout is resolved. According to Rams’ beat writer Jim Thomas, it is “all but a slam dunk” that Clayton will re-sign with the team.

Once again, I don’t want to make assumptions on a situation like this, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Clayton and the Rams have at least some parameters of a deal set up under the table right now, and if they do it will likely be a very short time before a deal is announced when free agency starts.

As far as my feelings on Clayton, I’m all for bringing him back to this team. Just like every other contract with the Rams, it has to be for the right price, but as long as the money isn’t outrageous, I think he earned a chance to be a part of this squad. He and Sam Bradford clicked immediately when he joined the team last season, and I think he is a very nice fit for this receiving corps. I don’t think Clayton’s presence will or should affect the team’s desire to bring in a true number one guy at the position, so don’t think that Clayton will keep the team from drafting a wide receiver if one is available at 14. Clayton is good, but he isn’t that top-flight, stretch-the-field kind of guy the Rams really need.