Random Ramblin’s


I don’t like taking breaks in my mock draft, especially when the actual draft is drawing closer, but several pieces of Rams-related news hit today, so I thought I should touch on those. For once, all of these tidbits are on the positive end, which is yet another reason why I wanted to get them in.

First, it was announced today that the Rams will open the NFL preseason in the Hall of Fame game against the Chicago Bears on August 7. Obviously, this in contingent upon the lockout being settled and the league starting up again, but it’s nice to see the Rams getting on national TV. It will be a huge weekend for the Rams if they do play, as Marshall Faulk will be going into the Hall as well. This is all the more reason for fans in St. Louis to hope that this labor dispute gets settled as soon as possible.

Also, Rams GM Billy Devaney was on ProFootballTalk Live on Tuesday and he revealed that the Rams have placed a high priority on getting a backup for Steven Jackson through either the draft or free agency this offseason. We have been calling for this for two or three years, but it sounds like it is going to happen one way or another before the 2011 season (if there is one). The backup RB position is obviously one of need, but it is so refreshing to finally hear Devaney say that the front office is committed to solving the issue. Since free agency may not be active before the draft, Rams fans need to watch the draft closely for what could be our next RB.

Finally, in a bit of fun news, Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis said in an interview with The Lantern on Tuesday that he would consider taking up the family business of professional wrestling if the lockout cancels the 2011 season. For those who don’t know, Laurinaitis’ father is one half of one of the greatest tag teams in history, the Legion of Doom. His dad still works for the WWE, and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame just a few weeks ago. I am a big wrestling fan, and I have been since I was a little kid, so this was fun to hear. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but seeing James in the squared circle would be very enjoyable, as long as he doesn’t get hurt. At least he will be keeping in shape.