Mock Draft Continued….


This is Tiffany Kales and we are getting closer to the draft. This is my favorite part, because the Rams Pick is up. This is my opinion so this is not the exact choice for Ramblin Fans.

12:Minnesota Vikings Select: Mike Pouncey OG
Why? Because they need a guard after the line bruised up my favorite QB. He could return, and I doubt another quarterback will be picked by them this early. Mike Pouncey isnt entirely like his brother, but he can improve. Especially with the veteran line they have now.

13: Detriot Lions Select: HB Mark Ingram
This might happen, last year they got Jahvid Best in the mid round. They need a bigger guy who can take hits and keep moving. Jahvid Best and Ingram could be a nice combo like Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. Also they will need him to block for Matthew Stafford and prevent him from major injuries.
This might not happen but it’s possible.

14: St Louis Rams Select: WR Julio Jones
All this Cleveland will get him is getting old. Colt McCoy has to work hard for a toy. Sam Bradford has and now he needs 4k yards. Julio Jones and Sidney Rice will boost our ratings. The schedule is not brutal after all we are projected to be 13-3. No team can be unbeaten. Look at the Chargers game last year. Anyways we got Jones but AJ Green might fall down to the Rams. He might fall down like Jeremy Maclin and Percy Harvin.

Well thats my mock for the day. Also I am a new writer, Thanks Justin for giving me the oppurtunity.