Mock Draft Finishing Touch


Today I will end the Mock Draft and watch it tommorow. The next thing will be Top 5 Draft Busts of Rams and sucesses.

25:Seattle Seahawks select: QB Ryan Mallet
What happened to him? He was a top 15 draft prospect then fell down to second round. I saw him complete more passes at combine then Newton. Anyway, Mallet has a strong arm and accuracy that Seahawks will need even when Hasselbeck resigns. The weird thing is that Tim Tebow was picked at this pick last season.

26:Baltimore Ravens select: TE D.J Williams
They need a WR but the closest they can get is a TE. DJ can move to WR because of his height, but he is built like a TE. With the recieving corps aging and many unsuccesful WRs, this could be a draft sleeper.

27: Atlanta Falcons select: Quiton Carter CB
Most might not know him but he is the third best corner on some teams big board. He is the only option in our draft they could get. Unless they get Mark Ingram which I doubt at this moment. Quiton might go third round but this is what we have.

28: New England Patriots select: OLB Quan Sturdivant
I dont know what the Patriots want with 6 picks in first 92. But I do know they need a LB and DT. Quan Sturdivant is part of the Top 62 prospects so I picked him instead. Sorry Patriots fans but I dislike this cheating team. Real Rams fans will know. But I am going to say they had a nice season, without spying on signals.

29: Chicago Bears select: WR: Leonard Hankerson
He would be picked here, because Bears have six late round picks. So that means no WR in second for them. Anyways they need a big guy to get deep with speed. Hankerson can be a draft sleeper; Mike Williams.

30: New York Jets select: