Top 5 Rams Draft Successes #4


#4~Torry Holt WR
Drafted: 1999: 1st Round 6th selection.

He was the last “Greatest Show on Turf™” to be drafted or signed in free agency. Torry started his year great for a rookie reciever,even though Randy Moss rookie season outshined the whole decade. Torry Holt had 59 Receptions, 700+ yards and 6 touchdowns.

In 2000, Torry set off the explosives. He went over 1300k yards that season and did it 5 years straight. He wasn’t as popular as Issac and did have a motto. Remember “Bruuuce!!”. Torry went to 7 probowls, 5 straight. And won a super ring in his rookie year, not only did he win he made a touchdown.

Torry Holt’s carreer began to fall apart like a 10 year runningback. He was released from the Rams and suffered in Jacksonville. If they had his 7 year contract actice from ’03. Issac and Torry couldve been nice weapons for Sam Bradford. Even maybe going to the Conference champs. He was even a Patriot until being cut after a injury. Torry Holt now on NFL Network™, will be remembered. Just he wont have a retired number; 88,80.