Top Rams Draft Successes #2


#2: QB: Sam Bradford
Drafted: 2010 1st Round, 1st Pick

He is the best success in helping the Rams get some wins. Also he survived a injury that could’ve dropped his stock. Sam Bradford set off explosives faster than Matt Ryan. And beat 3/4 of Peyton Manning’s rookie records.

Sam Bradford came in the Preseason looking bad, then against the Patriots! He out scored and passed Tom Brady, Baltimore game was so so. Then in his first game, he looked like a draft bust. Which real Rams fans still believed Sam is a franchise quaterback. Then his Redskins game showed he was. After that game his passer rating was 80.2 in the first 3 games combined. He played better than Philip Rivers Chargers game. Which was a pass to Denario Alexander. While watching the pass, I knew Sam but I was like who is this guy?
In the middle of the season. Sam played like a veteran quaterback, throwing 160 passes without a interception. The end he didnt do as well. Only 1 touchdown in the last 2 games. What would the Rams be without Bradford? Just a DT sacking a quatterback doesnt win games. Well only in Pittsburgh…
Sam has goals for next year, and he will acheive them. Like entering the playoffs, thats a easy one. Throwing 4,000 yards ia the hard part. But with Clayton 300+ yards in only 4 games. He might do well in 2011, and they were the 3rd best QB&WR combo in the league. Well to finish off Sam might surpass the great who is next.

“We will rally around Sam Bradford and play good football”