More Moss Speculation


So, I did a post a few days ago about Randy Moss moving on from Tennessee and how the Rams could possibly have some level of interest due to their lack of a number one wide receiver and his connection to OC Josh McDaniels. As I was surfing the web today looking at NFL stuff, I came across an article at by NFC West blogger Mike Sando (written today) discussing the very same thing. Sando pretty much discusses the same points I hit on, including the opinion that the team will move forward with what they have. Sando does say that he believes that the team should keep an open mind when it comes to Moss, and he thinks the connection to McD could play a role in the team’s decision.

Sando also discusses a conversation that he had with Scout Inc.’s Matt Williamson on the situation in which Williamson questions whether it would be a good idea to add Moss to the Rams’ locker room. “As for adding him to that Rams’ locker room, you are closer to that situation than I am, but it seems to me that it wouldn’t be such a hot idea. Does Moss make the Rams a Super Bowl contender this season? I don’t think so.” I don’t want to sound ridiculous here, but if the Rams got the Randy Moss from a few years ago, I do believe they would be a legit playoff contender, and we all know anything can happen when you get to the playoffs.

The question then is: What does Moss have left in the tank? It’s common knowledge that Moss is pretty much only good for one thing: Playing outside the numbers and going deep. It looked during last season that he has lost at least a step, hurting his ability to be a major deep threat. If he can’t give the Rams that threat, then there’s certainly no use for him here. Then, if you add in the off-the-field stuff, it seems like a risk that has very limited upside. I’m still of the belief that the team should and will take a pass on Moss, b