Free Agency Mock -Rams


With the Labor issue almost settled in St. Louis. NFL is already setting out rules for free agency. Hinting that the lockout is almost over and offseason can start late. I just want to put in who I think will be signed.

Sidney Rice WR (Vikings): Highly                                                                                                                          The Rams organization is the most interested team in Sidney Rice. Not even Minnesota has a much interest as we do; tagging Chad Greenway over him. Sidney should go to a team that actually wants and need him. Anyways with Sidney to the lineup that is a major upgrade to our receivers. We have Amendola at slot, Clayton at #1 wide out, and Avery at #2. Danny comes on and off so we still need a need on 3rd down and 4th down. We should be expecting Sidney to be wearing blue and gold. Davaney, you have to get him.

Randy Moss (Titans, Vikings, and Patriots): Hopeful                                                                                                              Justin has explained enough, but I’ll put more. I love Randy’s Deep routes; he showed it with Brett Favre. So don’t blame him about that part. He needs a quarterback who likes to throw deep. Brady wasn’t a deep thrower. I don’t thinks it’s any as of right now to likes to throw deep most of the time. Randy coming is hopeful but not doubtful yet. We are known for speedy receivers; thanks Danny for continuing that. So if Randy comes I will be happy, not disappointed.

Reggie Bush (Saints): Maybe but look away!                                                                                                       The saints might have to move on with Reggie. Reggie is just pushing it forward. Today he post on twitter that he was enjoying the lockout. Really at this point! Probably because he doesn’t want to be released yet, but fans are depressed that the game they love I closed. After seeing this I would wish for the Rams to look away but we might need him at a point to share carries.