More Free Agency Talks


Santonio Holmes WR (Jets) : Maybe

We could end up getting Santonio Holmes but he might want to stay in New York. Which they are starting to decline. You cant build on a lot of veterans. Which thats how Davaney is doing his draft. We need a #1 wide reciever and Santonio might be that type of guy. I dont know, but Santonio and Braylon could both join a team after their relationship from last year. I wish to put doubtful but we dont know.

Braylon Edwards WR (Jets): Highly

As I was saying with Holmes we could land a Jet reciever. Braylon looks like he could come. But the Rams have showed no interested. But I will still put highly just in case the Vikings resign Sidney. Now they have Mark Sanchez; we have Sma Bradford. We all know Sam is a better young gun then him. So would he like to catch passes from Bradford. Basically what I’m saying is..Go to a real franchise quaterback. Mark is a good one but he fails at every last game. Failing at 2 AFC championships games. I smell another Peyton Manning. Braylon should come here and be a perfect target for us. Then we can look at our secondary for next year.

Terrell Owens WR (Bungles): Hmmm

We have steady passed on him and he eventually does well. If we would have signed him we would have a #1 wide reciever. He was even good in the locker room this year. The Rams could look at him this year and see what he can do. I have no doubt that they wouldn’t look this time. So right now I give hive a Hmm. Because the Rams want to build with the draft and T.O is getting old.