Somebody Get Pettis A Playbook!


Rams’ third-round pick Austin Pettis was on an Idaho radio station today and he discussed several different things regarding the draft and his new squad. He talked about the draft process and said he wasn’t surprised when the Rams called his name because he had a good meeting with the team during the combine. He liked the pick of Greg Salas, and he thinks he is a very good player. He sounds ready to learn, and I really like his attitude heading into his first season. The one piece of potentially bad news is that Pettis said he does not have a playbook yet for the Rams. He was only in St. Louis for a short time after the draft, so apparently he has had no interaction with the playbook that the rest of the veteran receivers have seen. It’s hard enough to be a rookie receiver in the NFL when you have a regular offseason to prepare, but it will be even tougher if he doesn’t have access to the playbook before this lockout is resolved.

I don’t know all the rules regarding the lockout, but you have to think that one of the receivers on the team could get him access to this thing. The team thinks this kid has the potential to contribute this season, so let’s get him familiar with the offense right now. I would like to see someone, whether it be Sam Bradford, Danny Amendola or anyone else who has the book to get ahold of Pettis, Salas and Lance Kendrick and get them a copy if at all possible. I don’t know if it will happen, but someone needs to step up and be a leader here.

Here is a link to the site where you can listen to the interview in its entirety, so check it out.