Receiver Talk: Is DX In Trouble?


After the 2011 NFL Draft, one of the most hotly contested topics of conversation has been who will make the final roster at the wide receiver position for the Rams in 2011? To be honest with you, I am increasingly intrigued with the issue. I was checking out a chat with ESPN’s NFC West blogger Mike Sando, and he addressed the topic. In Sando’s opinion, Danny Amendola, Donnie Avery, Mark Clayton, Austin Pettis and Greg Salas are likely in. That leaves Brandon Gibson, Laurent Robinson, Mardy Gilyard, Dominique Curry and Danario Alexander on the bubble for the sixth and likely final spot. Sando goes on to say that he thinks Curry could challege for that spot because of his abilities on special teams.

This got me thinking… Is it really possible DX could be left off the roster this season? I find it hard to believe that could be the case, but if you look at Sando’s argument, it’s hard to find holes. Assuming the team keeps six WRs and assuming Clayton is back with the team, would you rank DX ahead of any of those guys? I’ve made my indifference towards Avery well-known, and I would take DX over him, but Avery is probably a better player if he is healthy. I think the rookies really make this thing interesting. Because of the lockout, I have strong doubts that either Pettis or Salas will be able to contribute right away. If Alexander is healthy, which he said he was in a recent interview, he has to be on this team. Not just on the team, but a major contributor to the offense. That’s just my opinion, but I saw enough from him last season to make me convinced this guy has was it takes to be a big-time receiver at this level as long as he stays