Rams Beginning Team Workouts


Since no official team activities are allowed during the lockout, players have to take it upon themselves to get together if they want to work out. According to several players and league sources, Rams players are scheduled to get together starting on Monday for workout sessions in the St. Louis area. Now, I don’t know for sure who will be in attendance at these workouts, and the location is not being divulged due to security issues, but it looks like wide receiver great Torry Holt will be in town to work with the receivers and Cory Chavous will be working with the secondary.

Again, the specific details here are pretty much unknown, but it looks like a good number of players will be participating in these workouts. The players plan to do some weight-training and on-field work during these sessions, and having some top-notch veterans like Holt and Chavous can mean nothing but good things for the youthful members of this team. I’ve been saying for awhile that someone needs to step up and get something like this going, and it sounds like someone finally has. If you find yourself in the St. Louis area and you see a group of large men on a football field or in a park, chances are you might have stumbled upon the Rams, so keep your eyes open. It is my understanding that several of these sessions will be taking place in the coming weeks, so if I get any more info I will be sure to let everyone know.