Rams Rollin’ In A Cadillac?


There has been plenty of talk since the draft about who the Rams will go after in free agency to back up running back Steven Jackson, and those conversations usually begin and end with Darren Sproles. I’ve made it no secret that I’m a big Sproles fan, and I think he should be right at the top of the team’s list. However, a report today at ProFootballWeekly.com indicates there may be another player who is gaining steam behind closed doors at Rams Park. According to a source with the team, there are several people who really like Cadillac Williams as a potential fit in St. Louis. The Rams like the fact that Cadillac was willing to take on a backup role last year with Tampa Bay, and they believe he would be an excellent fit if he were willing to do it here in St. Louis.

I believe that Caddy does fit the bill of what we are looking for here. He is very good in the passing game, both receiving and blocking, and you have to believe he can be effective in a limited role. I do think he would be a nice addition, but his injury issues and his decreasing explosiveness make me pause. He would certainly be an upgrade over what we have, but give me Sproles over Williams any day. Now, depending on the asking price of each, I reserve the right to change my tune, but all things being equal, I’m still in the Sproles camp.

In another minor note from the PFW reports, it appears there is at least some concern about the durability of second-rounder Lance Kendricks According to the report, the Rams are excited about Kendricks but are worried about nagging injuries that forced him to miss practice time at Wisconsin. Obviously there’s no way to predict if a guy will get hurt, but it is certainly something to keep an eye on if and when the