‘Secret’ Meetings Conclude Thursday


Before I get started on the NFL stuff, I’m going to digress on something that has nothing to do with the NFL. I want to give a shoutout to a former college baseball teammate of mine. Brian Dinkelman, who I played with for two years in college and against for two years in high school, was called up to the Majors today by the Minnesota Twins. Congrats to Dink, who is one of the best players and nicest guys I have ever had the privilege to call my teammate. I know he has worked hard, and nobody deserves this more than him.

Now, on to the NFL’s “secret” meetings. The owners and NFLPA concluded their three-day meetings on Thursday, and apparently their is at least a little progress. With the court date scheduled for Friday, it’s good to see the two sides getting together, even if it wasn’t as secret as they might have thought. Nobody is doing much talking about specifics from the meeting, but the two sides getting together is at least a start. We are starting to get close to the breaking point, and I’m starting to get the feeling that a solution is finally getting closer. I was pretty skeptical there for awhile, but I really think we won’t miss any football this season. These next few weeks are of vital importance, so it will be worth keeping an eye on the situation.

Nobody wants this thing to continue to drag on, so here’s hoping a resolution is on the horizon. Friday is a big day, but just one of many we will have in the coming weeks. At least we are on the right path.