Moving Back? Nope


I usually check and saw something interesting. A man name Tim Leiweke has talked to 5 different teams. About taking more than 50% of the share and moving them to L.A. He is a billionaire so it could be possible. The thing that caught my eye was one of the teams were the St. Louis Rams. That’s very surprising to me because we are a young team growing and we just got to St. Louis about 17 years ago.

It was told that Leiweke has talked to Jacksonville, St. Louis, Oakland, San Diego, and Minnesota. For the past 2 weeks he has tried deals with each team but failed with St. Louis and Jacksonville. They both said no. Basically the losing teams have since but the others don’t. Only Minnesota, Oakland, and San Diego were interested. I was happy to see this moving thing to be over. My rams are staying where they belong.

Just one thing though. I’m a NFL fan meaning that, I don’t want any L.A billionaire to move one of the teams in the NFL. I like how everything is and don’t want anything to change. Even the season and we will have a full season. All Leiweke has to do is ask Roger Goodell and the NFL committee to start a new franchise. Don’t mess with other teams unless it’s two in one city; New York. Now let’s get this lockout done and play some football.