Reggie Bush Shopping Himself


I ran across an interesting report today about Saints’ running back Reggie Bush, and I found that I had some mixed feelings when I was reading it. According to the report, the Saints granted Bush the ability to reach out to other teams to gauge their interest back in February. So, this is pretty good news. From what I gathered from the report, the Saints don’t plan to pay him what he’s looking for, and if someone else is willing to do so, then Bush could have a new home next year. Sounds pretty good, right? Then I went on to read a piece from Jason Cole of Yahoo! in which he identified the teams most likely to land Bush if he does leave, and the Rams were nowhere to be found. Now, this doesn’t mean the Rams aren’t in on this, but it doesn’t appear as if they are the frontrunners.

I am a big Bush fan, and there is nothing I would love more than to see him in St. Louis next season and beyond. I have a strong feeling, however, that he might be a little too pricey for this organization. It’s not that we don’t have the money, but I just doubt that the Rams will sink a ton of dough into the backup running back position, even if it is a talent like Bush. I personally think he would be worth it, not only because we need a backup for SJ39, but more importantly because we desperately need to increase the gamebreaking talent-level on this roster. You can say what you want about Bush not living up to the hype, but you can’t deny that he would bring a completely different skill-set to this team, both on offense and special teams. Imagine what the offensive guru Josh McDaniels could do with this guy. He wouldn’t just be on the field to spell Jackson. You can line him up in the slot, but him back there with Steven, and countless other things that could give opposing defenses nightmares. Now, he’s not a great pass-blocker, but that’s why you have a third stringer on the roster. Let Ken Darby or someone of his ilk block in obvious passing situations.

Stan Kroenke said he will open the wallet for the right guys in free agency. This is the right guy. One player doesn’t comple