Who will Start?


Before I begin anyone who will like to join our staff? Please email jstine31@gmail.com and Justin will get to you A.S.A.P. Also 45 days till Season begins. Wide receiver competition for the Rams this year will be tough. Only Danny Amendola and Mark Clayton are guaranteed a spot. The others we don’t know. Wait Donnie Avery has a spot too. Not only a spot but if he can stay healthy than he can start all 16 games.

Danario Alexander– Danario can come on deep threats with Mark Clayton. Also when we need a Hail Mary he can go in slot.

Brandon Gibson– Brandon will play till Danny comes in because Danny does kick and punt returns and Brandon was second best receiver this year. He is also a red zone threat.

Greg Salas- Greg can play number two at times and be slot. He may get more time than Austin because he can break tackles.

Austin Pettis- Austin has good hands and a very good route runner. So I see him playing at slot too. The two tight end system will make his playing time less and more on 3rd downs.

Danny Amendola- You guys already know his skills. He’s the only receiver Bradford relied on when its 3rd Down. Well after Mark Clayton got on injury reserve. Danny also took pressure off other receivers. Like look at the Daniel Fells touchdown vs. the Carolina Panthers. Danny went deep and was double covered making a lot of space.

Mark Clayton- If he is resigned, I will like him to be our number one wide receiver. In 3 games and a half he caught23 passes, ran300 yards, and caught 3 touchdowns. Think of him playing the full season. Sam would’ve had 4000 yards. Clayton would be in the top 10 receivers. I know we will get him back. If we don’t then get Sidney which I doubt we won’t resign Clayton.  

Donnie Avery- Is everyone tired of we should’ve got Desean Jackson? Yeah we know and we can’t change the past. Also those types of receivers don’t last long. Some day those wheels Desean has will go flat. Donnie is fast and can go deep. That’s what Randy Moss did as he got older. Donnie will be starting if he stays healthy because he has the most experience at wide receiver on this team.

Laurent Robinson- Laurent is not a good route runner but when he runs in the touchdown area he is good. He caught Sam’s first and last touchdowns of the year. Basically I am saying we should keep him because he is our best red zone threat. Laurent, Greg, maybe Austin, and Brandon should have a play in redzone with each other. Not all together but in combinations.

Mardy Gilyard- When the rumor saying Gilyard wants out, I didn’t really care because he didn’t do anything special for us last year. After the Chargers game we barely saw Mardy and if he wants out that will take more stress off of Josh McDaniels during camp. Only thing that can save him is Kick Returning.

Others: Greg Matthews, Dominique Curry, Andrew Hawkins, and Joe West – Pratice Squad or cut for them

My picks to start are Donnie Avery, Mark Clayton, Danny Amendola, Austin Pettis, Greg Salas, and Brandon Gibson. What are yours?