The Rams’ WR Position


Many pundits and so-called “NFL analysts” have said the St. Louis Rams’ receiving corps is in dire need of help.  Every available receiver has been mentioned as possible saviors.  What these “experts” have forgotten about is the help already available on the roster.

**The roster is based off of the official St. Louis Rams website. Stats are from the NFL website.**

Danario Alexander: He showed potential in limited play time last season.  He is at his best when used as a deep threat.  Alexander is a long-strider – in part because he is 6’5 – and needs time to build up speed.  He can also beat defenders to the ball using his size.  Alexander can become a threat if he enters and stays healthy this season.

Danny Amendola: The slot is basically locked up by this guy.  Sure handed, tough, reliable.  He was Sam Bradford’s favorite target last season.  However, this writer believes that is a bit overrated.  If a better slot option comes into play, Amendola can become expendable.

Donnie Avery: He is supposedly  running a 4.40 40 on a knee that is in the rehab process.  That is fast!  And remember, he is still rehabbing.  Imagine when he gets to full strength; Avery might be able to regain his sub 4.3 40 form that made him the first receiver picked in ’08.  With that type of speed, the offense should be able to stretch the field more..  Avery solves the deep threat issue the media keeps talking about.

Brandon Gibson: He will be gone.  Too many dropped passes ended his tenure with the Rams.  There is not any reason for the coaching staff to keep him.

Mardy Gilyard: He will get a shot to win a job, if the season begins any time soon.  Gilyard did not prove much in his rookie campaign.  Look for him to fight for a roster spot.

Austin Pettis: Productive receiver in college. Big body (6’3, 209) that is similar to Larry Fitzgerald (6’3, 218).  Also like Fitzgerald, Pettis’ 40 time is not eye-popping (4.61). He is also has reliable hands.  Pettis, in theory, makes Gibson dispensable.

Laurent Robinson: Like Gibson, he should be released.

Greg Salas: Another productive collegiate receiver with very reliable hands.   Salas’ measurables are extremely similar to Anquan Boldin – Salas is 6’1, 210 and Boldin is 6’1, 217 – and just as tough.  Hard runner, tough to bring down after the catch.  Salas played the slot position in college but  can play on the outside.  If Salas has a good season, he can beat out Amendola for the slot position since he is a bigger target.

**Mark Clayton is not being included because he is due for free agency.  Other receivers are special teams/ practice squad players.**

The receivers listed above give the Rams a deadly corps if all of them stay healthy. With all the bodies at the position, why create more of a clutter?