No Hard Knocks In 2011


As NFL fans we have had to endure much this offseason with the lockout, but I can’t ever remember being as disappointed in news as I was tonight. According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, HBO has canceled it’s TV show Hard Knocks for the upcoming season.

I can’t say this comes as a huge surprise considering the situation we are in with the lockout and missing training camp time, but it still breaks my heart. If Hard Knocks isn’t the best show on TV these days, it is certainly my favorite show at the very least. It’s the kind of thing I look forward to every year, not only because of how riveting it is every week, but because it’s our first real taste of NFL football after several months away from the game. I guess it’s only fitting that in this disaster of an offseason we would lose one of the greatest parts of the offseason, but it’s still a huge bummer.
All I can say is that I hope Hard Knocks is back and better than ever in 2012, because I will eventually get over the lockout costing me this season of the show, but I will never forgive the NFL if the lockout costs me Hard Knocks for good.

In other bad NFL news of the day, apparently the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in bringing in Brett Favre as a backup to Mike Vick. Yeah, I really don’t know what to make of this either. I would be absolutely shocked if Favre played again, but I’d be even more surprised if he did it as a backup. I can’t imagine there’s any chance of this actually happening, but I learned a long time ago to never assume Favre is done.