Important Upcoming Rams Dates


Before I get started, just wanted to let everyone know that Sam Bradford and the Rams’ offense is on the front page of the fantasy sports page at Yahoo. It doesn’t really mean anything, but just wanted to let you all know.

The next week is going to be absolutely nuts all over the NFL, and our St. Louis Rams are certainly no different. As many time lines as we have seen recently, it looks like we finally have an actual, concrete list of dates for the next few weeks up to the first preseason game Saturday, August 13 against the Colts at the Jones Dome. Obviously, you shouldn’t be shocked if something changes with these at some point, but it looks like this list provided by Jim Thomas should be as close to accurate as we can get right now. Some of these dates will be affected depending on how long it takes to ratify the agreed-upon CBA, so keep that in mind as well.

Tuesday – Rams Park facilities open to players
– Team can sign all rookies – drafted or undrafted – starting at 9 a.m. St. Louis time.
– Team can negotiate with – but not sign – all veteran free agents, whether on Rams roster last season or on other rosters.

Thursday – Teams can waive or terminate player contracts as of 3:01 p.m. St. Louis time.

Friday – First day of Rams training camp. Activity limited to physicals and team meetings.
– Team may sign free agents and/or renegotiate existing contracts as of 5 p.m. St. Louis time.
– Signed rookies may participate immediately in physical activity; newly signed veteran players cannot take part in physical activity until new CBA is ratified.

Saturday – No pads or contact allowed at Rams practice.

Sunday – No pads or contact allowed at Rams practice.

Monday, Aug. 1 – First day that Rams are allowed to have padded practice.

Thurs. Aug. 4 – League year begins if collective bargaining agreement is ratified. All clubs must be under salary cap. (League year can begin before Aug. 4 if CBA ratified before then.)

Sat. Aug. 13 – Preseason opener vs. Indianapolis at Edward Jones Dome, 7 p.m.