I’m Tired of the WR Talk!


This post is an all-out rant.  I have become irritated, annoyed, and quite frankly pissed, with  all the recent banters made on different websites.  I guess this will be truly a post by a ramblin’ fan.  Enjoy.

On several websites, much like this one, fans have voiced their opinions over the rams’ wide receiver positions.  Ever Joe out there thinks they now who will end up with roster spots.  Here is an over-view of what has been said.

DX is gone, he drops too many passes.  I find this hilarious because a few weeks ago they were saying: Love DX, he’s the most talented WR on the roster.

Next, we have Mardy Gilyard.  Before camp started, everyone had him being released, saying stuff like, “Mardy’s stupid, he can’t learn a playbook“.  Now, he’s everyone’s sweetheart.

The rookie Austin Pettis has also become a fans’ darling, to the point he gets tagged as the best rookie receiver on the team.  Newsflash: Greg Salas is better hehehe.  Salas is more athletic, faster, and has outperformed Pettis in training camp.  Still, a**holes keep making up nonsense to say Pettis is better.  SMH!!!!!!

Now we come to the curious case of Donnie Avery.  All these “fans” (oh you don’t know how bad I want to curse right now) keep saying he is injury prone – ha ha ha! First off, he is not injury prone; he has only missed significant time due to injury last season.  LAST SEASON!!! That was the only time he has been injured!

Oh by the way, I don’t think Danny Amendola is all that.  People have said the added talent will only benefit him, but maybe, just maybe, it will push him out.  Pettis is more talented than Danny.  Salas is more talented than Danny.

Heck if you want to go all out, Mardy is more talented than Danny.

This was my rant.  Thank you for reading.