Which is worse? Pettis’ penguin arms or Tebow writing a book. Please.


The Rams need to have the intestinal fortitude to seriously consider cutting former Boise State wide receiver Austin Pettis. How many passes has he dropped? How many times has he suddenly posessed penguin arms going across the middle. Did you notice when he fair-caught his 2nd punt against the Titans in pre-season the nearest defender was 10 yards away? Why? Because the 1st punt he caught he got creamed. Dropped passes and being a little afraid I dont think are ingredients to a successful receiver in the NFL. Perhaps he will grow and prove me wrong, but you can’t teach a guy to not have fear. If you are scared to go across the middle on your 2nd team defense at Lindenwood, how on earth are you going to be able to go across the middle when Asomugha and the Eagles secondary have their ears pinned back? With the depth of talent at the WR battle going on right now, I just don’t see how you can keep Pettis. Good for the NFL…the new CBA agreement makes rookies prove themselves a little bit before giving them tons of cash. I still don’t see how you can sign any rookie until you know for sure they can handle the NFL? I believe Pettis signed a 4-year contract? Why? Tim Tebow writes a book? Why? What have you guys done in the NFL? I have a more fluid throwing motion than Tebow does. My accuracy and right arm mechanics are way better. I have a much more interesting story for a book than Tebow. Unreal. Oh and my TV show and Book will be coming soon. Video of my fluid nerf football bombs to my business partner Jerry McFarland will be on our website soon too.