Madden 12 Rams Rankings

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For those of you gamers out there, the new installation of the Madden football series was released on Tuesday. I checked out the game and it was excellent, but I was more concerned with the rankings the Rams and individual players on the team received. Overall, I have to say I was pretty happy with most of it, and I thought the developers did a pretty nice job with the team. Now, the roster I saw hadn’t been updated with the new players yet, but the main players were pretty well-ranked. Maybe most importantly, the Rams were the highest ranked team in the NFC West, checking in at 78 overall.

Starting with the quarterback position, Sam Bradford received an 85 overall ranking, which is pretty solid. Steven Jackson was a 94 overall, and Donnie Avery was the top-ranked receiver currently on the roster with a 76 overall (and 96 speed). I thought Illini Mike was rated a bit low at 67 (behind Billy Bajema (72) and Lance Kendricks (71)), and the offensive line got good marks with Jacob Bell and Jason Smith both at 87, Jason Brown at 86, and Rodger Saffold at 83. I would rank Bell a bit lower and Saffold a bit higher, but that’s pretty solid as a group, and it doesn’t even include Harvey Dahl, who might be the best player on the line. Defense and special teams are after the jump.