Rams TE Situation


Obviously the most talked about camp battle that is coming down to its last days is the WR battle, and everyone has a different opinion. Another position I’ll be watching this Thursday is that of the TE. Coming in to last week, I would have thought that the 2 locks would be Lance Kendricks and Billy Bajema. Kendricks obviously because of his outstanding versatility and athleticism he has shown throughout camp and preseason. Bajema I think would be a lock because A) his inline blocking ability, and B) if they didn’t keep him, the most “senior” memer of the TE group would be Hoomanawanui with a whopping 8 games experience!

Hoomanawanui I still think is going to make the team just based on his performance when healthy last year. However, since the injury bug has continued to plague him this year, I think the Rams will likely have to carry a 4th TE, which will probably be Fendi Onobun.

I watched Fendi closely against the Titans and while he had one bad drop earlier in the 2nd half (I think the ball got there before he was expecting it), he had a couple of nice catches showing great hands on their final game winning drive. His last target was another drop however and at that point his future seemed in question. It’s still very much in question of course but I later found out he played the last drive with a dislocated finger. Given that fact I think he deserves some credit for the grabs he did make and a little slack for the last drop. Hopefully for his sake the coaches see it that way too.

Of course, there is still another TE in camp, Ben Guidugli.  He had no catches against either Tennesee or KC, but he did get some time at FB.  Both players made the 80 man cut Tuesday afternoon, so both players have one more game to prove their worth.

On one hand, if they like Guidugli as a FB they could keep him and fill dual roles of being the 4th TE AND as a FB, wouldn’t need Brit Miller and would open a roster spot for another position.  Ultimately I don’t think that would happen because he isn’t the FB that Miller is and doesn’t have the upside that Onobun gives you at TE with his size and quickness.

Also I think given Fendi’s potential, the Rams will have a harder time hiding him on the practice squad.  Guidugli, if they like him enough, could probably be kept on the practice squad with less likelihood that he will be picked up by another team, so my bet is that Fendi makes the final cut.

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