Rams Roster Set (For Now)

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The final cut day came and went for the Rams, and so did a number of players who are quality NFL players. I have to admit that I was shocked when the team let Donnie Avery go, and although admittedly I’m not an Avery fan, I still couldn’t believe it. The bad news is that Avery did not get claimed by any NFL team through the waiver process, which means that the team will have to pay his base salary of $638,000 that was guaranteed.

Although Avery is still unclaimed, several of the players who got cut did find new homes quickly. Thad Lewis was picked up by the Browns, which comes as absolutely no suprise considering former Rams OC and current Browns head man Pat Shurmur is a big Lewis fan. I too am a big Lewis fan, so I hope he carves out a spot in Cleveland. Speaking of guys I’m a big fan of, DE George Selvie was claimed by the Carolina Panthers. If I have one major beef with the roster decisions, it’s that Selvie was cut while CJ Ah You and Eugene Sims were not. Still, Selvie should be able to get some time in Carolina, and I have a feeling he will be a good NFL player. Also, WR Mardy Gilyard is heading to New York to join the Jets. He just seems like a Jets kind of player, so hopefully they will give him a chance. More after the jump…