Spags Conference Call Recap: 9/5

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St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo did his Week 1 conference call on Monday, and as you might imagine, much of his discussion centered around the roster moves of the last few days and the upcoming game against the Eagles. There wasn’t much “breaking  news”, but he did have some interesting things to say. Here is a short recap of the call.

“Just the two roster moves you would have seen earlier, (TE) Stephen Spach was out here we signed him and (C) Tony Wragge, so those were the two guys we signed. We had to make room. We had to release (TE) Ben Guidugli and (C/G) Hank Fraley which again is not easy to do. Especially when guys have been around here and have been loyal and great people, that’s a hard thing to do. Injury wise the guys that didn’t practice was (TE) Mike Hooman (Hoomanawanui) and (DE) Eugene Sims. Eugene’s just an oblique, hopefully we’ll get him through but Mike we don’t know. This one’s a big question mark. We’ll have to take it day-to-day literally and see what happens. Watching…he did some, what we call group install or walk-through. He was out there the whole time. He’s watching and he was in a walk-through. But all he was doing was the mental stuff. But he has a long way to go.” More after the jump…