My Prediction For Rams-Eagles

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Sam Bradford is going to be under pressure, and if he rushes throws or puts the ball up for grabs, the Eagles secondary is going to make him pay. We have to be able to run the ball, because if Sam has to stand back and throw it 40 times, their corners are just too good to beat them on a consistent basis. If we can establish the run and use the pass at the right times, I think this offense can move the ball on a consistent basis. As far as Vick goes, we have discussed it. It’s obviously easier said than done to stop him, but this defense is capable. Obviously, there are plenty of other important factors that will impact this game, but if the Rams do these two things, I think they will come out with a win. My final prediction is Rams 23 Eagles 20.

I will hopefully be in touch with the Eagles blogger from the Fansided family on Saturday, so if I can get with him we should have some deeper insight into their team here at Ramblin’ Fan before Sunday’s game. Stay tuned.