The Top 10 Rams red flags?


The Rams performance yesterday against the Eagles was severely disappointing. A wonderful opportunity was just completely erased slowly but surely as the dome got more quiet as each depressing play and injury added up. I was at the game and the dome was 200% rockin with enthusiasm and excitement! An amazing rendition of the National Anthem and a very nice emotional moment when we remembered those horrible events that went down in our country 10 years ago kicked everything off. We stuffed Vick and the Eagles on their 1st series. The dome was deafening. When I didn’t think it could get any lounder, Steven Jackson bursts for a 40+ yard touchdown! Wow, here we go, let’s make a statement!  What in the hello happened? I never dreamed I would be sitting here writing the Top 10 Rams potential red flags. I welcome your comments. Hit me up at Twitter too. (@DarrynOTL)  Number ten…….drum roll please.

#10. Steven Jackson brags about his work ethic, his workouts, and he said we should not worry when he wasn’t hanging out with Bradford and the rest of the team when they were having workouts during the lockout. And he pulls a quad at the end of a TD when he basically ran untouched into the endzone? I pulled my quad in kickball a few months ago. Don’t answer this telling me this is the NFL and injuries happen. I think we need more from the “leader” of this team than pulling your quad and being done a few mins. into game 1 and then standing as far away as possible on the sideline from the rest of your team. A team guy? Leader? Huh?

#9. The dropped passes. Come on guys. This lack of receiver thing with the Rams is getting pathetic. Kendricks would have easily not only scored his 1st NFL touchdown, but the entire game would have changed if we score on his dropped pass just shy of the endzone. McDaniels…I wont even comment here on your Game 1 lame play-calling, but at least have your guys catch 100 balls a day this week or something.

#8. Is Spagnuolo showing us early signs of being the next Scott Linehan? I certainly hope not, but this is starting to creep into my mind and I hate that it is. I know its super early. I hope we turn it around next Monday in New York in front of the world.

#7. It is obvious that Brandon Gibson just either doesn’t want to or isn’t ready to take the lead and be a #1 receiver for this Rams squad? What do we do now? Bring back Avery? Get Sims-Walker and Alexander involved more? Imagine that.

#6. Our #1 draft pick, Quinn, in street clothes? Uhhh…what?

#5. James Hall got man-handled. Wow. Maybe this butt-kicking will end up being a positive thing for us. Maybe we woke up and realized we really haven’t done anything and we still haven’t been in the playoffs for 7-8 years I think it is now.

#4. Did Jason Smith block anyone?

#3. Is Josh McDaniels just easing his way into his creative playbook? Teasing us? Or is he bummed that we just did not do enough to get Sam the talented receivers we needed? I know its early and I hope he starts demanding more out of his offense and the higher-ups to get us the darn receivers we need.

#2. I hope the lack of a sense of urgency the Rams brass are showing doesn’t frustrate our true star who needs players around him. Sam, please be patient. Maybe someday soon we’ll admit we have a serious receiver issue and do something about it. Kroenke, you there somewhere? Playing golf, counting your $? Hello? With Amendola out, it will be interesting to see what we do. Sam wants to and can light it up. Get your act together Rams brass.

#1. If Laurinaitis spent as much time on leading this team and relaying his tough guy image to the defense as he does on doing 15 community events a day (applauded but you’re paid to be a badass NFL linebacker) and posing with whoever in the media and the who’s who of STL and showing his sparkling smile…we may actually start stopping the run a little and defending passes. Note to secondary….turn the F around when you see the receiver’s eyes looking for the ball and catch the damn thing.