Sam needs 2 things tonight: protection & find a way to win.


Sam Bradford needs to buy his offensive line, running backs, and tight ends watches, dinners, cars, jewelry….whatever to make them wanna block as hard as possible. Every successful NFL QB has time back there to make things happen. But also, how many great QBs are just flat-out scrappers who wont be denied? Their protection wasn’t always the greatest, sometimes it was. A determined, tough, talented, gritty QB who is willing his team to victory is hard to beat. Great QBs find ways to make things happen when they need to get out of the pocket, whether they scramble for extra yards or find a open receiver or sometimes the best thing to do is just throw it away to avoid a sack or a serious loss of yardage. We have seen glimpses of all of these from Bradford in his rookie year. We have also seen glimpses of Sam going down fairly easy. Last week there were a couple times where a defender barely got a paw on him and he went down. There were also a couple times I thought Sam could have turned on the jets and scrambled to avoid pressure, but he didn’t. I think its time Sam pulls out all the stops and leads the Rams to a victory tonight no matter what he must do. Have time in the pocket to go through all progressions, scramble and find an open guy, or just scramble to avoid a sack or loss of yardage. We all know Sam has it in him, we just need him to bust out of his shell. Sam has his 1st loss out of the way, his 1st minor injury, his 1st fumble, and the 1st game down with Josh McDaniels as the OC. The stage is set for Sam to prove to everyone that he is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t get tough in the last quarter, don’t get tough when you get thrown around or hit in the mouth, get tough and stay tough from beginning to end. All the experts around the world have been raving about #8 and his potential. Well its time to start proving his worth now. A few more games like last week and rest-assured slowly but surely everyone will start turning on Sam Bradford. Find a way to win. No matter how ugly it may have to be. This Giants team is prime for the pickin, Sam. Follow me on Twitter @DarrynOTL