Okay I lied; our #1 receiver is Denario Alexander. He caught 3 for 122 yards and one touchdown. The only one with hands last night. MSW did well but not very well. Brandon Gibson was the biggest disappointment lately. How he played in the preseason had people thinking he will be a fantasy sleeper. Greg Salas is a rookie, so I don’t blame him at all. He sure is a lot better the Mr. Popper’s Penguins Austin Pettis. (Penguin Arms) Our need next year in the draft may not be WR anymore because of Alexander’s performance; he should be starting every game after this for now on. Or I’ll be one of those Broncos fans and put a billboard to start him right by the stadium. Which is right by the highway and the MLK Bridge that means Coach Steve will see it. Wearing my favorite wide receiver number, Randy Moss and playing like him made me even happier. That gives me a question. If Alexander stays healthy all season and start every game can he make 1,000 yards, 80 receptions, at least 6 touchdowns? That’s not the question but this is. IS ALEXANDER THE NEW RANDY MOSS?! Tell me if I’m wrong but I think Alexander has the highest active average at his position in a game. Outshining the great Larry Fitzgerald, but he is not famous yet so people barely notices him. Even though we loss but we didn’t lose (fake) players to injuries. We didn’t play that hard for you just fall out of nowhere. You Lazy Bum if I was a male I will be happier to play that player. What surprise me the most because I didn’t see him last week was Chris Long.? Not how he played he always plays amazing that its nothing new to me. But what was , was his jersey number #91. I kind of like #72 better on him but the Rams pressure has improved and hold on to your seats because the ride has just started. We have the toughest first 8 weeks in our division, because we’re the toughest team. They predict we go 2-6. I predict we go 4-4. Because how we ended so strong will make us start the next game even stronger. Flashback– Last year at our Raider game (week 2) we finished strong and wen 2-0 in our next games and finished the season almost winning the division. So we may go 8-8 or 9-7 this year since we’re facing our division rivals the most at the end of this season. Well that’s all I have to say, another lie. Go RAMS!